About Us

Who We Are


Harvest City is  a dual affiliated Acts 29 and EFCA Church that desires to be part of a movement of the gospel that begins in Iowa City, makes waves in the state of Iowa and has its impact felt to the ends of the earth.

What We Do


At Harvest City we hope to do a few things well. We gather throughout the week in missional families and seek to live out the gospel together in all of life. Then, on Sundays we gather with all the missional families to worship God corporately at what we like to call the Reunion.

Why We Do It


We believe that we have been created in the image of God, but because of sin we often fail to reflect Him to the world around us. However, we have a hero in Jesus who has come to free us from sin and Satan and whose grace can empower us to live the way we were created to live. We live our lives out of gratitude for all Jesus has done!


Scott Gaskill - Pastor of Harvest City Church in Iowa City

Scott Gaskill

Up until the summer before his sophomore year of college, Scott spent most of his life thinking mostly about himself and rebelling against every authority around. Growing up and throughout high school, he rebelled quite a bit against his father, but also wanted to be like him, which led to letting baseball become the most important thing in his life. When he went to college, he began drinking and spent his freshman year binge drinking multiple nights a week. 

But everything began to change when he attended a Christian conference that his father had invited him to. Unlike his experience with church confirmation when he was young, he actually hoped to encounter something real at the conference. When Scott heard the gospel at that conference, he repented of his sin and believed in Christ as the one who could forgive him and give him new life. And God not only transformed Scott’s life that weekend, but, by the power of the Holy Spirit, He also transformed his father and his grandfather, reconciling generations of brokenness.

As God continued transforming Scott during his college years, he desired to do campus ministry in order to see other young men encounter Jesus. He spent two years serving with The Navigators at the University of Northern Iowa before moving to Iowa City and joining Parkview Church.  Scott spent 11 years as part of the college ministry staff and the last 8 of those years as Parkview’s college pastor, training college students and leading a movement of the gospel at the University of Iowa for the glory of God. In June of 2017, Parkview sent out Scott and a team of people to plant Harvest City. It is now his joy to pastor those people and those God has brought to be a part of the Harvest City family.

Scott is happily married to his wonderful wife, Emily, and has three kids, Madeline, Kate and Jacoby. You can usually find him playing Super Smash Bros with his kids, watching Sports Center on SnapChat, smoking a cigar or sipping bourbon with guys, and taking his wife on dates downtown. He will talk to almost anyone about Jesus and/or baseball.

Harvest City - Backstory

In this video Scott and Emily Gaskill tell us about the journey God has led them on toward planting a church.