Virtual Reunions


If you’ve been watching the news, you are most likely aware that efforts to contain the Coronavirus have entered a new level of concern. Both national and Iowa state governments are ramping up their emergency responses to ensure our communities and neighborhoods are prepared, and Harvest City is doing the same. Our hope is that all who are a part of the Harvest City family will be well informed and prepared. 

Due to the rising concerns locally and nationally, we have decided that it would be most prudent to not have public Reunions at Harvest City for the foreseeable future to do our part in preventing the virus from spreading any further in our community. We don’t see this as a matter of self protection, but rather a decision to love well those who are at the highest risk in our community.

The good news is that we will still be having Reunions. This Sunday we will be premiering our reunion on Facebook at 10am! Join us virtually to interact before, during, and after the reunion! More details to come for future Reunions.

Lastly, please pray for people in Iowa City, the state of Iowa, and around the world who are currently suffering from Coronavirus. Pray also for their caregivers, families and communities; for the loved ones who grieve the loss of their family and friends; and that God’s glory will be made manifest through the work of His people.

We would LOVE to help in any way we can. If you or anyone you know has needs that the church could help with in this trying time please take the time to fill out the form on our website to let us know of your needs.